Joint Statement from the Democratic and Republican Town Committees for the Town of Narragansett 

Let it be known that both Parties:

1)      Support the voters of the town who overwhelmingly approved the $5.8 million bond referendum in 2016, and wholeheartedly support citizens’ efforts to move forward with the Belmont Library Project.

2)      Are very concerned that democracy has been set aside in our town, and that Town Council members Matthew Mannix, Jill Lawler and Richard Lema have usurped power and authority in blocking this project, and are leading us down a perilous path.

3)      Support the Belmont Library Project. Libraries are a vital and integral part of any community that is thriving and growing. A Library is non-partisan and apolitical. The Republican and Democratic Town Committees here in Narragansett BOTH ARE UNITED in our support of our library, the Library employees, the Library Board, Friends of the Library and the Love Your Library coalition. 

4)      Agree that level funding of our library must be maintained by the Town of Narragansett. Councilors Mannix, Lawler and Lema are attempting to cut the library’s budget. In doing so, our library will lose state aid, and the library will need to curtail hours of operation. This will obviously affect staffing. Library employees’ job security is very important to all of us. We agree that defunding the library is inexplicable, unconscionable and inexcusable.

5)      Are appalled, astounded and deeply troubled by the blatant disregard of voters’ concerns that has been exhibited by Councilors Mannix, Lawler and Lema, as well as their tone deaf opposition to a library project that was backed by two-thirds of our town’s voters.

6)      Encourage all voters to educate themselves about the library issue, and to ignore the spin and misinformation coming from Council members Mannix, Lawler and Lema. Accurate and factual information is readily available at the library. There are video recordings of Town Council meetings, newspaper articles, documents from workshops, etc.

Libraries Transcend Politics

Michael Riley (left), Win Hames (right)

Michael Riley (left), Win Hames (right)