Love Your Library Coalition Demands End To Secretive Executive Sessions Regarding Belmont/IGA Property

The Love Your Library Coalition is demanding that the Narragansett Town Council end its practice of secretive executive session meetings regarding the Belmont/IGA Property, purchased in 2018 to be the new home of Narragansett’s library. The April 8, 2019 Town Council agenda unfortunately contains a motion to enter executive session to discuss the building’s future in secret, the fifth such motion in 2019.

“The Rhode Island Open Meetings Act states that a public body ‘may’ close a meeting, but there is absolutely nothing that requires it,” said library champion and former Town Council President Susan Cicilline Buonanno. “Put simply, this Town Council is making an affirmative decision to hide from the public the details of their scheme to sell the Belmont/IGA building. The original purchase of the building to be the new home of our library, as was approved by 68% of Narragansett voters, was done in the full light of open Council meetings. Yet now, as the Council majority seeks to overturn the clear will of the town’s voters, they are choosing to hide key details from the public. What are they hiding? What secret deal is being struck behind closed doors to sell the building that should be the new home of Narragansett’s public library?”

“Something really stinks when a small group of Council members seek to overturn the will of Narraganset voters by hiding behind the shield of meetings closed to the public,” said Nancy DeNuccio, President of the Love Your Library Coalition. “As the famous saying goes, sunlight is the best of disinfectants, and that’s why we are calling for an end to secretive executive sessions about the Belmont/IGA Property.”